About Us

Jia Wey Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. We created a series of products including the own brand "Sanya". For more than a decade of continuous product development and improvement, a complete product line consisting of planetary speed reducers, fluid mixers, emulsifying machines and vibrating motors etc.  With the promoting efforts of more than a decade, "Sanya" has reached the international level and built up a reputation in the market. There is a solid sales network established in Shanghai and Guangzhou in mainland as well as a stable sales system set up in , , , , rivaling well-known European, American and Japanese brands.

       Because of the variety of products, the applications spread into a wide range of fields including the automation industry, environmental engineering, food, chemical engineering, biochemical technology and electronic industry etc. Because of the continuous technical improvement, persistency in high quality and service, and a focus on the best interests of the customer, Sanya's reputation helps it enter the high-tech industry successfully and is very much appreciated by the elites from all industries for its high quality. We also build up a good interactive connection with the industries to jointly work on research and development.
       In order to fulfill the needs of different industries and the global market, our company develops specialized products in all fields to increase the maximum efficiency and provide the most economic model that avoid wasting costs. Our products emphasize compatible utilization, standardization, convenience to replace, safety, ease of operation etc, whose fully standardized specifications provide a much more competitive edge for international participation.